Barbara Schindler Interiors provides Exceptional Interior Design Services in Norwood


Barbara Schindler Interiors provides Exceptional Interior Design Services in Norwood



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"BSI is not your typical design firm. They pride themselves in giving the client what they want. When I first contacted Karyn her motto was, your are the designer, I am just helping you making your home beautiful and I have all the resources to help you out. Karyn is AWESOME she did a fantastic job in my Natck condo. Couldn't have been happier, she understood the look I was trying to achieve and listened to my thoughts, and ideas some were good and some bad, she made my home gorgeous. Highly recommend BSI."
- Rhonda

"I have been working with Barbara Schindler interiors for over 15 years. I started working with Barbara in her Norwood home and then switched to Karyn when Barbara moved to Florida. They are both great to work with. They both understand my taste and respect my budget. I am so happy with my home. I am in the process of working with Karyn now redoing many of the original rooms I did way back. It is always fun seeing Karyn in her office or coming to my home. When I started working we used catalogs, now mainly computer, We sometimes work online through FT. Karyn will always pick up the phone anytime of day. She gets me and knows my taste. I really love every part of my home."
- Wendy

"Working with Karyn now on my home in Yarmouth, I just received a delivery last week and love everything we did together, what can I say she gets me. I worked with Karyn also in my Lincoln Ma home, she is fun and easy to work with. One home is traditional and one home is coastal, she seems to be able to do any style you ask her. The furniture she represents is higher end, no homegoods for me. Can't wait for her to finish, it is a time consuming process but well worth it, she seems to be able to get into my brain and know what I like. Most of all our appointments are fun, Karyn is low-key and not pushy. She doesn't force you to buy things you don't want and is very honest. she knows scale , color and design extremely well. The nice thing is I didn't have to go to 20 different stores, basically a one stop shop."
- Karen

"I have been working with Karyn and Barbara right before Covid, I live in Florida and they both helped me design my new home in Boca, We started from the beginning picking out everything from kitchen cabinets, tiles, paint colors, electrical fixtures, carpets, and more, that process took months and months. I even flew Karyn down to Florida to help pick out everything. After our initial picking was done we started working on the furnishings, this entire process took over 1 1/2 years. Then Covid hit we would do FT appointments to pick out many of the furnishings. Karyn made it so easy. After all of our furnishings were picked and ordered since it was Covid Karyn couldn't be in Florida for the deliveries, however, she made it easy we FT where all the furniture was going, she even helped when it was time to hang pictures and showed the installer where to place the pictures, amazing how she knows scale and design. my house came out fantastic, she had a photographer take professional pictures. Karyn and Barbara are both great, they have done many of my families homes. In Florida and Cape Cod. They give great service and whenever I need to reach them they always answer me pronto, They make you feel special. So happy with my home."
- Laura