Experience timeless elegance with Barbara Schindler Interiors by Elevating your Home's Design

Experience Timeless Elegance With Barbara Schindler Interiors:
Interior Design Services in Boston

Experience timeless elegance with Barbara Schindler Interiors by Elevating your Home's Design

Experience Timeless Elegance With Barbara Schindler Interiors: Interior Design Services in Boston

Company Bio

Barbara Schindler Interiors has a rich history that began in 1963 when Barbara started her business from the basement of her home. Initially focused on window treatments, Barbara soon discovered her passion for working with people and desired to do more within their homes. Motivated by this passion, she pursued a degree in Interior Design from Boston University, honing her skills in floor plans, color coordination, fabrics, furniture, and beyond. As a self-made designer who started from the ground up, Barbara's journey exemplifies her unwavering dedication.

In 1969, Barbara expanded her business by adding an office to her home, establishing a full-service interior design company that offered everything from window treatments to wallpaper. This success continued to flourish when her daughter, Karyn, joined the business in 1980, carrying forward the legacy of excellence. Even as Barbara transitioned to a small studio in the heart of Norwood after selling her home in 2017, the family's commitment to exceptional design remained steadfast.

Barbara and Karyn - Full-Service Interior Design Company in Norwood, Massachusetts

Barbara's journey took another exciting turn when she opened a studio in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, where she spends her winters. Meanwhile, Karyn continued to serve clients in Norwood, designing beautiful homes nationwide. Their portfolio extends from Massachusetts to Florida, New York to Maryland, Delaware to Tennessee, and beyond. A distinguishing feature of their business is their dedication to providing clients with their desired outcomes at more affordable prices. They take pride in sourcing products directly from manufacturers, emphasizing excellent customer service, and giving each client their utmost attention. Their ultimate goal is creating homes that reflect the client's vision, cherishing personalization and individuality. The joy of working with people and making their homes beautiful remains at the heart of Barbara and Karyn's passion.

Every project Barbara and Karyn undertake is embraced with enthusiasm and seen as a unique challenge, regardless of its scale. Their genuine care for clients is deeply ingrained, and they approach each job with a personal touch. The most gratifying aspect of their work is witnessing the transformation of a concept they helped create into a living, breathing reality. Observing homes evolve from bare walls to exquisite living spaces is an immensely fulfilling experience that continues to inspire their dedication.

At Barbara Schindler Interiors, the focus is not only on design but on the profound connection between people and their living spaces. The team's genuine love for their craft shines through every project, ensuring each client receives the utmost care and attention.

Our Mission

At Barbara Schindler Interiors, our mission is to create personalized and exquisite living spaces that reflect our client's unique personalities and visions. We are dedicated to providing exceptional design solutions, superior customer service, and affordable prices. Through our passion for interior design, we strive to transform houses into homes where beauty, functionality, and individuality harmoniously coexist. With unwavering attention to detail and a commitment to client satisfaction, we aim to exceed expectations and bring dreams to life, one space at a time.

Experience the Essence of Personalized Interior Design Services. Our Services include Project Management, Furniture Selection and Styling , and Interior Design Consultations.

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